About me

Poets and poetry- Reciting history

Fashion art and poetry represent two sacred means of expression that help me express my emotions and feelings.

This way always led me to discover symbols, colors and shapes I used, interpreted, developed and integrated in concepts that defined my fashion creations.

This is my identity.


Who we are, where we come from, towards where we head? are questions that concerned me since I was a little child and I still have the same curiosity. My name is Liliana Larisa Crăciun, and life gave me a trial the minute I was born on July 14th, 1968 in a small town in Bucovina, Gura-Humorului.

When I was 5 years old my dad sent me on vacation to his sisters who had no children and I remained there forever, in a small village in the mountains of Suceava County, that became Ciocănești museum village. The village life and new life style had an astonishing first impact on me. It was winter and back than there were huge snow banks and was freezing cold, and during long nights, at the light of the petroleum lamp, people sewed, darned and spun wool, cotton and hemp. Coming from the city, I tried to absent myself from these kind of activities, but it proved to be impossible. First, I learned how to unwrap yarns that seamed endless, then slowly, playfully, I learned how to weave. I was making tiny cloths for my dolls and dressing them up. Years went by and I continued to create cloths with special embroidery for my three little girls. I graduated a school of economics and obtained a certificate in this field. I walked a hard road till I was able to make it happen, working even 18 hours a day to start all over again my studies.

In 2009 I participated in Milano within FARI (Forum of the Romanian Community in Italy) with a collection of bonbonniere for weddings, baptism, anniversaries. At the event were present exclusive people: His Royal Majesty, prince Radu Duda and princess Margareta. On the same occasion I had the honor to be the translator of the main guest – Emma Bonino Ministry of Foreign Affairs at that time, who was also supporting the Romanian community. One year later I enrolled at a fashion school in the capital of Italy - Accademia del Lusso from Milano, Rome branch.

It’s never too late in life, I strongly believe this. No matter how hard it is, we are the ones who decide if we want to follow our dream. My daughters graduated university and I decided it was time to do something important and follow my path.

Between 2010 and 2014 I attended the courses of the Academy obtaining three specializations: style, image consultation and cool hunting. I studied the history of fashion and understood how people and clothing have transformed in the same time: two important criteria the society goes by. I learned technical drawing and plain view drawing, the criteria after which the human body is divided into modules, based on Leonardo’s Vitruvian man. I learned how colors combine, studying the circle of Litten. I know how to transform a dress and how to dress up people according to their type, color and body shape. I learned from A to Z how a motive, idea, concept is searched for, is invented, and then comes to life and transforms into a fashion item. I studied the tendencies and I learned how to understand the criteria on which colors and texture are being selected in fashion at least two years before they are presented on stage, in fashion shows. These tendencies are based on social unrest and evolution of the world, natural events and even disasters. Fashion creations bare the soul of the creator and send an important message about universe that surrounds us.

I did my traineeship at fashion houses such as Maison Fendi & Maison Valentino. Throughout my years of study, I worked in the backstage of the most important fashion events. I participated to fashion shows in Rome, such as „La moda è di moda”, in a crucial moment for the biggest Italian fashion houses and in general for the HAUTE COUTURE world, when important stylists like Valentino, Miuccia Prada, Fendi sisters were changing strategies and rewriting the history of fashion. During 11 days I worked with Armani and his technical crew at the „ONE NIGHT ONLY ROMA GIORGIO ARMANI” international event.

My first fashion collection in 2012 was called "LA MIA REGINA" and it was inspired from Queen Maria’s life and style of clothing. The traditional costumes she wore were Romanian nourishment for my soul. This is how I started to promote our priceless treasure around the world.

I participated to important contests and obtained the right to participate with my own creations on Italian stages. My first fashion show with my own creations was held in 2012 in San Benedetto del Tronto. The collections were called ‘’NEW RETRÒ’’ and STUPENDO, and after the show I sold most of the presented costumes. I continued presenting “URBAN ROUTZ’’ collection in Rome. In 2013 within the Academy I had the great opportunity of presenting drawings, sketches, stylistic and design compositions, including the collection I was working on, as well as organizing a workshop. On this occasion famous actors and journalists, theater personalities and fashion critics from Rome, as well as important designers got to know me and provided me with important ratings. Afterwards I continued with other personal collections. One year later I implemented the “Abstract Feelings” clothing project, inspired by Waterworld (1995) movie.

In 2014, along with 15 emerging stylist colleagues, I was invited to present my fashion creations in the frame of the international fashion event „SILENT REVOLUTION” in Rome, Spazio Novecento. The costumes and accessories we created were exhibited during one year (2014-2015) on important podiums: Tokyo, New York and London.

In 2013 the “Pagine” publishing house from Rome published 7 poems I wrote in Italian in the „SENTIRE” volume. The historical poem “Thinking history” was awarded by the archaeological museum in Anzio, Province of Rome. The prize consisted of allowing me to exhibit my own creations within the museum. This is how I started the “On the Roman’s track in Dacia” project. During 1 year and 8 months I did research, collected information, filmed and analyzed archives from Romanian and Italian museums. I visited most of Romania by train and foot, getting closer to the reality and pulse of our country. From December 2015 till January 2016 both the documentary and cultural journals I made, along with my clothing collection, were exhibited in the Civic Archaeological Museum in Anzio, Rome. The Embassy of Romania participated to the inauguration of the exhibition. I tried to present the world the undoubted value of our Romanian culture and the artistry of the Romanians who wrote history through the symbols I presented on weaved and sewed motives, which are priceless values of the Romanian nation and represent our most precious treasure.

In 2014 I implemented a project for the IMAGE-CONSULTING exam within the ING BANCA DIN ROMA. I changed the look of the bank’s staff, I did shopping, I transformed the wardrobe and style of clothing based on criteria I studied before: fitotip, body shape and preferences.

Also, in March 2015 I created the ”Earhart” collection, dedicated to Ameliei Mary Earhart, the first pilot women to cross the Atlantic Ocean. One year later, in 2016, I celebrated “The snails’ road” and “Roots” clothing collections with folk costumes and sewed icons inspired by our country-side.

Most of my creations are inspired by our folk traditions, Queen Maria’s affection for animating clothing at the royal courtyard, our folk costume and the enthusiasm of Maria Tănase with her nightingale voice that touched the soul of the entire world. Also, there is a special place in my heart for our only and unique sculptor, Constantin obtained the stylist diploma Brâncuși.

I would also want to mention that I obtained the stylist diploma in 2013 at the ISTTITUTI CALLEGARI MILANO and in 2014 I obtained the IMAGE-CONSULTING diploma of Accademia del Lusso of Milano, Rome branch. I was specialized in Cool Hunting in the frame of the same Academy.

Guided by the desire to feel the pulse of fashion in our country, I attended between June 2014 and August 2016 the courses of Stylist, Clothing Design, Fashion Creator and Fashion Design organized by the Ilbah workroom in Bucharest and I opened a Ltd-debutant having as core business fashion design. This way I want to share my experience and knowledge gained from Italy, to develop them through creation, promoting our Romanian traditions, that represent part of our roots.